What to Expect?

Enabling Works

The works will take approximately four weeks for completion, during this time access will be required into your property by the enabling team to prepare your home for the rendering. This process will involve extending boiler pipes, waste pipes, outside taps and the removal of any external lights and/or alarm boxes. These will all be replaced once the rendering work is completed.

If there are any fences or bushes that require cutting back  we will discuss with you before such changes are completed.

Before scaffolding is erected you will be asked to move any personal items in the garden from the areas around the house, as we will not be responsible for any items left in this area.

Following this scaffolding will be erected and an engineer will move any digital dishes onto this to ensure no loss of signal.

Please note building work creates dust so you will need to ensure these are protected. It is also recommended that any wall fixtures are removed from internal walls where external insulation will be applied.

Installation Stage

The first stage will involve your home having insulation boards applied to the areas being rendered, please note this process can be noisy as drilling will occur at this stage. Plastic covering will be placed over your windows and doors to protect them.

The second stage involve two layers of render and mesh being applied over this insulation boards. The part of the process adds strength to the system and acts as a carrier for the finished render.

The third and final stage is the decorative primer and through colour render being applied. At this part of the process there will be render and wet paint around your property and we ask that you take extra care when entering or leaving your property at this time.

Once the above has been completed, the enabling team will return to the property and fix the pipework, external light, alarm etc. back onto your home. The scaffold will then be taken down and the area around your home will be cleaned of any debris.