Making The Most of Your Newly Insulated Home


Now that your walls have been externally insulated your home will be able to retain its heat better and remain warmer for longer periods. This means you will be able to reduce the time and temperature you have the heating on for without feeling a change in the temperature. By making these small changes you can expect to see a possible reduction of up to £250.00 on your annual heating bill.

Reduce the thermostat by two degrees or more

Reduce the levels on your radiator TRVs
Reduce the timer on your boiler so the heating is on for less time

Build Up

Prior to the insulation works being undertaken you may have noticed that parts of your home suffered with mould due to warm moist air making contact with cold walls which causes a build up of condensation. Now with the insulation on the external walls, they will no longer be cold to the touch and this will reduce the mould growth. You must now ensure that your keep your home ventilated as it will be more airtight as well as warmer this will avoid moist air developing.

Ensure you keep your home ventilated especially in the bathrooms and kitchen where moisture is more likely.

Open a window or have the extractor fan on when there is moist air, and remember to close the door so this damp air does not reach other rooms.